Here are some nice things people have said about us.

We like the friendliness of the environment and the fact all staff know the childrens names, even if not in their class. We also really value the time that is spent and activities that are done outside.
Lesley Laws, mother of Poppy 3yrs
I bake and cook with Emelia at home as this is part of my job but she also gets the opportunity at nursery thanks to Rachel. I know other nursery's don't have the benefit of a qualified chef.
Paula Ward, mother of Emelia 3yrs
My son is treated as an individual and feels very loved and secure with every member of staff at Triangle House. The nursery staff are energetic and enthusiastic and create a happy and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to be thoughtful, caring, well mannered and considerate individuals. I am so happy that my son has had such a fantastic start in his journey into the big wide world and will be very sad when the day comes for him to leave
Rachelle Charlesworth, mother of Jack 3yrs
I like the fact that the girls in the baby room clearly love spending time with my child - its plain to see and makes me feel that much more secure.
Carole Seaman, mother of Lottie 1 yr
I just feel that being at nursery a couple of days a week benefits Evie a lot, she's gets to be a little independent, her own person and to be with other babies while the care she receives is fantastic: she seems happy and settled and smiles and laughs when I drop her off - it's clear she's loved and looked after. And the daily menu is great (very jealous of her key lime pie!).
Sarah Pittock, mother of Evie 1 yr
Eva loves nursery and is having a fantastic time there. This is predominantly down to the staff and people involved in her care and I would absolutely recommend them
Rachel Engwell, mother of Eva 2 yrs
My daughter is such a happy confident child, as she has been in nursery since being 9 months old, i think it is only fair to say triangle house shares the credit.
Paula Swaine, mother of Ripley 4 yrs
Archie has been with you since he was five months old and has developed into a happy, intelligent, sociable child thanks to the support he has received.
Helen Crowther, mother of Archie 2 yrs
I would recommend Triangle House based on the feelings I felt when Thomas first joined. I was so upset every night but because when I dropped him off the staff were so lovely and the nursery also took two calls a day from me! The staff were so patient and lovely and said I could ring anytime. This meant so much to me at a really hard time. You have the perfect balance between supporting the child and the parents!
Collette Tiffany, mother of Thomas 1 yr
Triangle House has warm & friendly staff with a different activity planned for each day. I could not do everything that my son does at nursery if I was at home with him.
Rebecca Cigan, mother of Hugo 2yrs
The nursery has a family feel where my child is cared for and valued. The staff always have a story to tell me about my childs day, a very personal touch each and every day.
Sharon Harwood, mother of Harry 3yrs
I value the personal and friendly service provided and the reassurance that Millicent will be happy and looked after during the day
Ruth Dickson, mother of Millicent 1yr
The turnover of staff is low therefore I feel my daughter not only recognises ALL staff members she seems to know them all individually as well even though they don't all look after her age group and they all know her as well.
Emma Finnegan, mother of Sophie 3yrs
I recently took one of the day sheets to show Hugo's great grandparents and they commented on how well he eats. I explained that there is a dedicated chef who uses locally produced food and the menus are full of nutrition and well balanced. Rachel always manages to provide food that the children (and staff) love, I wish I could eat this well every day!
Rebecca Cigan, mother of Hugo 2yrs
Rachel the chef has been at the nursery since before mine started and prepares excellent, quality home cooked meals and puddings. My children have eaten extremely well and very much enjoyed the breakfasts and afternoon teas too. The children also loved the regular baking and still love to cook at home
Melanie Misselbrook, mother of Reuben 2 yrs
Both of my children have attended at Triangle House Day Nursery for the last 2 years. They both settled in very quickly helped by the fact that the staff are all so wonderfully friendly and calm with the children. They create a loving and secure environment for the children with endless different activities. My children have felt very at home at the nursery, made some wonderful friends and have left as secure, happy and confident children. They spent countless hours outdoors too, learning about nature and generally having lots of fun. I cannot recommend Triangle House Day nursery enough.
Melanie Misselbrook, mother of Reuben 2 yrs
Will eats three meals a day at nursery and when I see the menu each week, I wish I did too!
Catherine Hankinson, mother of William 2 yrs
Every morning, no matter who is there to welcome Will into nursery, the team are always smiling and scoop him up into their arms. Everybody gets the same attention. Will is always happy to be there and waves happily from the window as I drive to work. I don't have to worry about him all day because I know he is being looked after by people he loves.
Catherine Hankinson, mother of William 2 yrs
With regards to the staff, who could ask for more. Every member of staff has a lovely smile on their face whenever I come into nursery, they always take time to explain what Hugo has been doing when I collect him and are there whenever I need advice. It is testament to the training and support given by Triangle House. Hugo always talks about the staff at home and what he has been doing/playing and who with and he particularly loves Amber, so much so I think it may be his 1st crush.... I would have no hesitation in recommending Triangle to others as Hugo is extremely happy and so are we.
Rebecca Cigan, mother of Hugo 2yrs
My son's specific dietary needs are very well catered for even though things sometimes have to change last minute. Rachel always goes out of her way to make sure his diet adapts and he gets a healthy, nutritious meal and little treats without feeling left out. I would never have any hesitation in recommending Triangle House as I have 100% confidence in the services they deliver.
Amanda Kitson, mother of Henry 1 yr
I've been unbelievably happy with the care that Triangle House have given Henry in his time with them. I know that he is not only well cared for but also well loved. I am confident when I'm not there he will be getting just as many cuddles as he would at home. I'm really pleased that everyone has taken the time to get to know him as an individual and this is apparent in the daily handovers and updates where the information is always detailed and relevant to him.
Amanda Kitson, mother of Henry 1 yr
Nursery prepares the children brilliantly for school, the activities and the nurturing environment help the children's personalities and abilities blossom.
Abby Binns, mother of Esme 1yr and Oliver 4 yrs