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Introducing our wonderful team!

Fun with Philip the Rocking Horse

Karen Hazelden

Nursery Proprietor: R.G.N R.M

Why did you decide to open a children’s nursery?
So that every day I would enjoy going to work

What is the best advice that your grandma gave you?
Your health is your wealth

What is your least favourite household chore?
Cleaning my 15 yr old’s bedroom - Yes I know she should do this herself!!



Michelle Smith

Nursery Manager: BA Hons Early Education QTS EYPS

If you were a politician for a day and could pass an act, what would it be?
I would invest more money into childcare to help working parents.

What is your favourite childhood film?
I love Labyrinth, with David Bowie as the Goblin King and all the Jim Henson puppets!

What is your favourite food?
All kinds of seafood and cheese!


Fun at nursery!

Lara Ingham

Quality Improvement Manager: NNEB Level 3 in Childcare and Education

What qualities do you bring to nursery?
Inventiveness, enthusiasm and kindness

What was the best holiday you have taken?
I adore Cornwall, in particular Falmouth and St. Ives. The scenery is breathtaking!

Who is your favourite comedian?
Jason Manford never fails to make me laugh. I've been to see him on tour many times!



A budding Masterchef?

Rachel Shaw

Nursery Chef: NVQ Level 3 in Catering, Distinction in Childhood Nutrition

What celebrity chef do you admire?
Jamie Oliver for all he's done to improve school dinners.

What is your favourite food?
Pasta Carbonara even though it's bad for me!

What was the best holiday you have taken?
I had some wonderful experiences travelling across Australia


Digging for treasure!

Charlotte Waller

Baby Tweenie Room Leader: NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education

What is the best way to challenge boisterous boys?
I find that physical activities outdoors are the best.

What is your favourite book?
The Harry Potter Series

What is your happiest childhood memory?
Playing in the park with my sister and grandma


That looks like fun!

Amber Ransley

Pre-School Room Leader/Deputy Manager: NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education

What is your favourite way to relax after a busy week with the children?
They keep me on my toes all day so I like to soak my feet in a nice hot bubble bath!

What is your favourite board game?

What is the best holiday you have taken?
A trip to the Caribbean where I swam with sea turtles



Happy times at Triangle House!

Sadie Parkin

Tweenie Room Leader: Level 3 NVQ in Childcare and Education

What in your opinion is the world’s greatest invention?
Treasure basket, heuristic play for babies- they just love it (and hair straighteners!)

What is your best way to spend £100?
A day out with my best girl friends, going to the cinema and out for a meal

What is your guilty pleasure?
My closet addiction to The Only Way Is Essex!



Awe and wonder...

Becky Tetley

Baby Room Leader: NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education

What do you miss about living at home?
Being waited on hand and foot by my mum, having all my washing and ironing done and my tea made for me!

What is your favourite film?
All of the Shrek films

What is your favourite animal?
I think penguins are really cute and funny!


The next Picasso?

Lisha Murray

Preschool Team: NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education

What 3 items would you take to a desert island?
My water paints, a selection of brushes and a canvas to capture those beautiful sunsets.

What is your favourite colour?
Turquoise, the colour of my wedding dress!

What is your favourite pastime?
Anything creative, painting or working with material


Stories in the great outdoors!

Vicky Jackson

Tweenie Room Team: NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education

Why do you love outdoor play?
It’s great for children to burn off energy and explore nature.

What is your favourite tv show?
X factor (especially now Gary Barlow is a judge!)

What is your motto in life?
Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today 



All smiles!

Amelia Martin

Tweenie Room Team: NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education

What was the last new year's resolution you broke?
To visit the gym more.

What's the best thing about having a sister?
She is my best friend (and I can steal her clothes!)

What is your number one asset?
I can get along with everybody.


Fun in the sun!

Abigail Berkeley

Baby Tweenie Room Team: NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education

What is your favourite local beauty spot?
Ogden Water. It's so pretty, but take your midge spray!

What couldn't you live without?
My family because they're always there for me. Them and chocolate!

What is your top tip for reading to a small child?
Always choose a quality author with good illustrations.



Choo! Choo!

Sommer Lodge

Baby Tweenie Room Team: NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education

What personal qualities do you bring to the team?
Youthful exuberance and a loving nature

What three items would you take to a desert island?
A hairbrush, a snorkel and my kindle - there's wifi right?!

What's your favourite activity to do with children?
I love showing them new, interesting things



The best of friends!

Lauren Underwood

Preschool Team: Early Years Educator Level 3

If you had one wish, what would it be?
To gain my degree and become an Early Years Professional.

What was your favourite subject at school?
English, I loved writing short stories!

What is the most important thing you could teach a child?
To have respect for themselves and others.


Building towers together

Sarah Jones

Preschool Team: Graduate

Describe your outlook on life in six words
I always see the positive side

Which person in your life do you most admire?
My dad. He's been through so much, come out stronger and made me the person I am today

How would you spend the perfect afternoon?
A walk in the sunshine with family and friends followed by a lovely meal.


Spending time together

Hannah Crawshaw

Baby Room Team: NVQ level 3 in Childcare and Education

What are the personal qualities that you bring to nursery?
My sense of fun and patience

How do you like to relax
A nice soak in a bubble bath does the trick!

What's your best money saving tip?
Walk to work and resist store cards!


Say Cheese

Brit Hubbard

Preschool Team: Foundation Degree in Early Years

When is it OK to wear pyjamas outside?
Popping to the co-op for a pint of milk and hoping I don't see anyone!

What is the best way to flatter a boyfriend's mum?
Admire her recently purchased outfit!

How do you get over-excited children to sleep during a sleep over?
Just accept that there won't be much sleep!


Pre-School Fun!

Atlanta Culpan

Pre-School Team: NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education

Are you lucky in raffles?
No. My name never comes out of that hat!

What do the children love about you?
I always follow their interests.

Ambitions for next year: 
I'd like to pass my driving test


Fun in the dough

Georgia Parry

Baby Room Team: NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education

What is your favourite part of the nursery day?Watching the children as they engage in activities and develop new skills.

What would you like people to know about you? That I am kind and caring and would help anybody in their hour of need.

How do you recharge your batteries? I put my pyjamas on and snuggle up on the couch watching a good movie with lots of goodies!



Chloe Hickingbotham

Pre-school Staff: NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education

Name one skill that you bring to the team at Triangle House? I am full of fun and very energetic. I love planning outdoor activities for the children!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Somewhere sunny, lying on white sands next to a crystal blue sea.

What is the one thing you have always wanted to do? Jump out of an plane!


What shall we do today?

Lucy Fletcher

Preschool Team: Level 3 NVQ in Childcare and Education

What's your favourite part of the human face and why?
The eyes, they're the window to the soul

What school teacher had the most impact on you and why?
My highschool maths teacher really helped when I was struggling 
and supported me to get my GSCE

What's the worst haircut you've ever had?
A bowl cut aged four. How embarassing!


Getting messy!

Shannon Calder

Baby Room Team: Level 3 NVQ in Childcare and Education

What's your favourite sport or physical activity?
I absolutely love Zumba!

What's your morning ritual like?
I can't wake up properly without a nice cup of coffee.

What's the best thing about working with children?
Making a baby giggle is the best feeling ever!



Aanisah Merhban

Tweenie Room Team: NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education

What superpower do you wish you had?
To travel through time, there are never enough hours in a day!

If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would do?
Donate to Save the Children (and call my mum!)

How do you help a child to settle into nursery?
Lots of one to one, reassurance and cuddles


Fairground Fun!

Lauren Batey

Tweenie Room Team

What's your favourite time of day?
I feel most energised first thing in the morning

Describe the perfect afternoon
A picnic in a scenic spot, on a sunny day with
my favourite people around sounds like bliss

What's your most rewarding experience? 
Volunteering to help to build a school in Uganda;
the children were inspirational



Tell me a story

Gaby Smith

Baby Room Team: Early Years Educator Level 3

What recent achievement are you most proud of?
Receiving a distinction in my childcare qualification.

In 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?
Face to face catch ups with friends, social media is taking over!

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?
It's just wrong!


Sunny fun!

Bethany Holden

Childcare Practitioner

What are the three best things about you?
I'm kind, honest and I can run up a new outfit in a heartbeat!

What was your favourite toy growing up?
I loved playing with dolls.

What tv family is most like your own?
A cross between The Waltons and The Simpsons!


Our practitioners are the very best resource that we can offer to your child and we value their great work through investing in their qualifications and careers

My son is treated as an individual and feels very loved and secure with every member of staff at Triangle House. The nursery staff are energetic and enthusiastic and create a happy and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to be thoughtful, caring, well mannered and considerate individuals. I am so happy that my son has had such a fantastic start in his journey into the big wide world and will be very sad when the day comes for him to leave

Rachelle Charlesworth, mother of Jack 3yrs