Tweenie Room: 24 - 36 months

Your child will enter the Tweenie Room at a stage of their development where they are testing out their independence and building upon their self belief. Our team recognise the importance of fostering your child's emerging self confidence at this important stage. We will value the amazing individual that your child is through praise and recognition of their talents and achievements and support them to build positive relationships with ourselves and their peers.

Jenny reading stories with Amelie and Max at Triangle House


When your child reaches the Tweenie Room at 22 months they are already their own little person with a unique personality and set of skills and talents. They are now more able to express their likes and dislikes and develop strong preferences in their play. Our team in the Tweenie Room plan all activities for your child based on their own individual interests to ensure that all experiences are meaningful for your child.

Your child will venture out of the Tweenie Room regularly to explore the local area. We are very fortunate to have access to a large, natural field which will enable your child to explore nature, playing through the trees and searching for minibeasts! Your child will go for nature walks in the picturesque locality to learn about our world.


Archie has been with you since he was five months old and has developed into a happy, intelligent, sociable child thanks to the support he has received.

Helen Crowther, mother of Archie 2 yrs