Outdoor Play

At Triangle House we believe that outdoor play is exceptionally important for your child's learning and development. 

Getting messy!

We have three spacious, challenging, purposefully designed outdoor areas which your child will have access to throughout their day at Triangle House.

Your child will explore local natural areas including a large field with a variety of wildlife to learn about, supported by our caring team.
There are virtually no limits to the benefits that outdoor play can have for your child. Outside, your child will have the space to explore and learn unhindered by walls. There are different sets of rules for outdoor play – your child can be as loud as they like and run as fast as they can! They can climb, jump, skip or roll around and get as messy as they need to! 

Outdoor play will develop your child's coordination and allow them to gain control of their bodies through running, jumping and climbing. They will gain more confidence in their abilities and a stronger self image.

Outdoor play will give your child the opportunity to use all of their senses. Nature provides a variety of sights, smells and textures. Exploring the environment will foster your child's natural curiosity about the world and make them an active learner.

Both of my children have attended at Triangle House Day Nursery for the last 2 years. They both settled in very quickly helped by the fact that the staff are all so wonderfully friendly and calm with the children. They create a loving and secure environment for the children with endless different activities. My children have felt very at home at the nursery, made some wonderful friends and have left as secure, happy and confident children. They spent countless hours outdoors too, learning about nature and generally having lots of fun. I cannot recommend Triangle House Day nursery enough.

Melanie Misselbrook, mother of Reuben 2 yrs