Baby Tweenie Room: 14 - 24 months

Lucy and Emma playing with the animals at Triangle House

Our Baby Tweenie room caters for early walkers and early talkers. Our team concentrate on developing your child’s emerging language through their interactions and the use of story and song. There is a greater emphasis on creativity, artistry, the use of tools and child- led group activities.

Your toddler benefits from child-focussed activities, which challenge them at every stage of their development. Our team closely follow your individual child’s needs and interests through spending time getting to know them and you. They can then plan to provide the very best experiences for your child for their well being and learning. 

They have access to a spacious outdoor area with specialised play equipment to support the physical skills that they are gaining so rapidly at this age. Your toddler will explore the local area with our team who will take them on nature walks in our double buggies and show them the local flora and fauna.

Our team will model kindness, respectfulness and good manners to your toddler and praise their actions and achievements to build their confidence.

I just feel that being at nursery a couple of days a week benefits Evie a lot, she's gets to be a little independent, her own person and to be with other babies while the care she receives is fantastic: she seems happy and settled and smiles and laughs when I drop her off - it's clear she's loved and looked after. And the daily menu is great (very jealous of her key lime pie!).

Sarah Pittock, mother of Evie 1 yr