Delicious, nutritious food prepared by our qualified Chef Rachel Shaw

Rachel cooking up the next culinary masterpiece in our kitchen at Triangle House

Rachel is passionate about childhood nutrition and the joy of food and this shows in her innovative, carefully planned menus.

'I truly believe that if we instil in our children a love for a wide variety of healthy, tasty foods at a young age that they will carry this love throughout their lives.'

This is why Rachel's menus are influenced by cultures all over the world and include a wide variety of spices and ingredients.

'The meals that I prepare provide the children with many different textures and flavours to try. I don't have a menu rotation as I'm constantly having new ideas for exciting meals. If I see something delicious in a magazine, recipe book or on t.v. then I can't wait to try it out at nursery!' 

Dishes such as Moroccan lamb, apricot and mint burgers and Spanish salsa chicken with paprika tomatoes are relished by all of the children at nursery from the Baby Room to the Pre-school. There are no traditional 'children's meals' of convenience foods like fish fingers and potato waffles. Don't worry Jamie Oliver, you won't find any 'Turkey Twizzlers' at Triangle House!

'Everything that the children eat at nursery is cooked by me from scratch. I like to know what's going into the meals that I prepare so I can be sure that the quality is as high as possible. I don't use pre-made sauces or packet mixes.
Food provenance is important to me and I make sure that all of the meat that I use in my cooking is Red Tractor assured, so that I know that the suppliers meet high standards of food safety and animal welfare. All of the fish that I use in my recipes is from a sustainable source.'

Rachel is passionate about passing on a love of healthy and tasty food to the next generation.

'Every month I run a cookery school with our pre-school children and help them to make dishes such as fishcakes and cottage pie. I love seeing how proud the children are to take their finished dishes home and hearing parents say that their little ones are now wanting to help with the cooking at home too!'

Triangle House received the Food For Life Early Years Award in July 2018.

'I'm really proud that Triangle House has been recognised as one of the very best providers of early years nutrition and food education in the UK. In fact we are the first private nursery in Calderdale to achieve this pretigious award which is government led and holds us to the highest standards.'


Making cottage pie at Rachel's School of Cookery

Rachel achieved a distinction in Childhood Nutrition and works with parents to cater for a wide variety of special dietary needs. You are welcome to come and dine with us whenever you please. We also arrange special evenings where Rachel recreates some of  the children's favourite meals for you, the parents. You can find  typical examples of our menus below:

Here are some menus that Rachel has prepared.

Click here to download some of Rachel's flavoursome and nutritious recipes:

 Further information about childhood nutrition can be found here

For full allergen information on all of our meals click here

Rachel has filmed a video tutorial for making her home-made tomato ketchup which can be found here in three parts:


Will eats three meals a day at nursery and when I see the menu each week, I wish I did too!

Catherine Hankinson, mother of William 2 yrs