Triangle House Nursery’s Food

Nutrition is incredibly important for the development of young children, and no one knows this better than Rachel Shaw, Triangle House’s in-house chef. Take a look at a sample menu created by Rachel.

Rachel achieved a distinction in Childhood Nutrition and the national Food for Life Award and is passionate about creating innovative and nutritious menus using locally sourced produce. She is also more than happy to work with you to cater for a wide variety of special dietary needs, just ask!

“I truly believe that if we instil in our children a love for a wide variety of healthy, tasty foods at a young age that they will carry this love throughout their lives.”

There are no traditional ‘children’s meals’ of convenience, such as fish fingers and potato waffles, at Triangle House. We take pride in serving wholesome meals that are not only nutritious but help broaden the children’s palettes and willingness to try new things. From traditional British dishes like fisherman’s pie to more exotic options such as Spanish salsa chicken, Rachel takes influence from cultures the world over and likes to experiment with a variety of ingredients and techniques.

“Everything that the children eat at nursery is cooked here from scratch. I like to know what’s going into the meals we prepare so I can be sure that the quality is as high as possible. I don’t use pre-made sauces or packet mixes. Food provenance is important to me and I make sure that all of the meat that I use in my cooking is Red Tractor assured, so that I know that the suppliers meet high standards of food safety and animal welfare. All of the fish that I use in my recipes are from a sustainable source.”

Not only is Rachel passionate about creating these nutritious dishes, she wants to pass this on to the next generation…

“Every month I run a cookery school with our pre-school children and help them to make dishes such as fishcakes and cottage pie. I love seeing how proud the children are to take their finished dishes home and hearing parents say that their little ones are now wanting to help with the cooking at home too!”

Take a look at a sample menu