Settling your child back into nursery after the coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus lock down has dramatically changed our usual everyday lives; you may have been off work for a long period of time or trying to work from home with your little one wanting your full attention too. It has been a strange time for everybody, and we have had to adapt quickly to our ‘new normal’ It is now that we are beginning to return to our normal routine of work and nursery and this can be a tricky time for young children who have become accustomed to spending so much time at home with their parents.

You may find that your children experience more separation anxiety than usual when leaving you at the start of the nursery day. However, after being open for the first few days, we have noticed that this is short lived, and the children are soon back to exploring the nursery environment without even a look back over their shoulder for mum and dad!

With this in mind, we have put together some top tips to help support the transition from home to nursery.

  1. Make sure you talk to your child about nursery, share our Famly app with your child so that they can look at photos of the nursery team and their friends. Ask questions which prompt them to think about their favourite part of nursery, these can include ‘What do they remember most about nursery?’ ‘What was their favourite area to play in?’ ‘How do you feel about returning to nursery? Try to offer lots of reassurance and if your child is unsure, talk about all the things they used to enjoy and what they will be able to do again, including playing with their friends.
  2. Talk about the nursery practitioners including their key person. What do they remember about them? What is their favourite thing about them? What are you excited to tell him? Although we will be returning with a limited number of staff, children will see familiar faces which we hope will make it easier for settle back in quickly.
  3. Take a look at our website and social media to remind your child what nursery and some of the other staff and children look like. This might help open up conversations about what they are most looking forward to and what they remember the most.
  4. Stay positive. Although things are a little different at the moment, try not to let this affect the way you talk about the transition back to nursery. Keep calm and smile – it is natural to feel a little nervous about sending your child back to nursery given the circumstances – but remember, you child easily picks up on your emotions. Ensure that you are always positive when talking about nursery. If you are positive and enthusiastic then your child will feel the same way too.
  5. When the time comes to say goodbye, try to keep it short and sweet. Children tend to settle quicker if we can minimise the chance of them thinking that their parent or guardian might be staying with them. Always say goodbye – and remind your child that you will be back.
  6. If you can, try to do some similar activities at home that your child enjoyed doing at nursery. We have put lots of ideas on our famly app on the newsfeed page.
  7. Fill in our lock down questionnaire about any changes that your child has had throughout lockdown, any milestones they have reached so that we can celebrate them back at nursery.

It may take time for children to settle again but we know that our nursery team will do the upmost to help settle your child back into the nursery routine.

Although they might be slight changes to the environment, we will continue to follow your child’s interests and encourage them to join in with exciting activities planned by our fantastic team.


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