Brilliant Books!

The importance of reading to babies and young children

It has been proven that reading to children from birth has a huge positive impact. Reading to babies and young children not only gives them a head start in language but also has a great effect upon their social and emotional development and has been linked to higher attainment at school.At Triangle House we make sure that all of our practitioners understand the power of books. Everyone is given training on how to make story time special and to make the most of the one to one interaction it affords between them and a child.

In our baby room simple, soft cloth and sturdy, tactile board books are specially selected to pique the infants’ interest. As children get older, stories reflect their experience of the world and help them to understand their place in it. Throughout our nursery, there is an emphasis on books from quality authors with beautiful illustrations and stories containing rhythm and rhyme.

The experience of sharing a story isn’t just about the book. At our nursery, we have designed cosy and inviting ‘story nooks’ for our children to spend time relaxing with a book and snuggling in with one of our team or a friend. These calm and quiet spaces give children the opportunity to unwind and refuel during their busy days full of play and learning.

Is there anything better than snuggling up with a little one and sharing a favourite book together? Story time is precious, calm, bonding time. Taking time to read with young children creates a love of books that will stay with them throughout their lives and at Triangle House we believe that’s time well spent!

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