Think outside the box!

Have you ever given a child a gift only to find that they are more interested in the box it came in? Boxes are fantastic resources for all kinds of creative play. Often toys can only be used in one way and all too quickly the novelty is over. Cardboard boxes are free and can be anything you and your little one can imagine.

Here are some of our children’s favourite ideas:

Avast me hearties! With a sweeping brush and an old sheet, you can re-create the Jolly Roger and have some swashbuckling fun. Add a few props such as bandannas made from scarves, a box of dress jewellery as a treasure chest and a telescope made from a kitchen roll tube and you’ll soon be sailing the seven seas!

Who wants an ice cream? Why not turn your box into an ice-cream van? You can make your own cornets by taping paper into cones and use balled up socks in different colours to represent the ice cream. If your child is pre-school aged, you can support their mathematical skills by introducing real money for your pretend transaction.

Decorate a box! Keep it simple and provide your child with a range of chalks and crayons or paints and let them loose on the box. This activity is best shared. Our children love getting creative on a large canvas with their friends and create impressive, giant, shared artworks together.We love a box at Triangle House, the possibilities for play are endless!

Advice by Lisha Murray, Director of Creativity and Expressive Arts at Triangle House Nursery

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