Jumping for Joy!

Advice on encouraging your pre-schooler to be active, with Director of Physical Education at Triangle House, Shannon Calder.

Did you know that for optimal health and development, your pre-school child should be active for at least three hours every day? That might sound like a lot, especially in the winter months when none of us are outdoors as much as in the summer but follow my hints and tips, tried and tested at Triangle House, and your child will easily meet this target without even noticing!

  • Make good use of your local park

The best kind of exercise for children of this age is the type that uses their whole body. Little ones need to gain control of the big movements before they can fully master the small movements needed for writing and dressing themselves. Climbing frames are fantastic for developing balance and coordination.

  • Make a game of it!

Adding little challenges to your child’s play can help them to build on their stamina and hand-eye coordination. Why not challenge you child to see how far they can throw or jump?

  •  Being active doesn’t just mean running, climbing and jumping

At Triangle House children enjoy busy days of painting, dough play, baking, playing with train sets or completing jigsaws, among many other play experiences that all help to build the muscles in their hands and to gain control of smaller movements.

When looking for a nursery for your little ones, consider how they enable children to be active and the importance they place on physical play. Ask about the outdoor play on offer too.

Give me a call if you would like any further tips, I’m always available to chat.

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