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Helpful tips for creating a place for friendship for under 5s

Hello, I’m Atlanta and I am champion of well-being and personal development here at Triangle House.

When I talk with parents, a hope that they all hold for their children is that they form friendships easily; it’s one of the main reasons parents bring their children to group settings such as ours.

Part of my role is making sure that we are providing the best environment for friendships to flourish. Here are my top tips!

  • Find a nursery that has a real ‘home from home’ feel. This isn’t about furniture (although we love a good cosy corner!) it’s about the friendly and welcoming vibe that you get when you walk through the door. At Triangle House, our parents often say that our team become their extended family, which is so wonderful to hear. Our team work well together and care about each other, so our children have great role-models to emulate.
  •  Plentiful, quality toys and equipment are key. I always make sure that all our activities are richly resourced to minimise the chance of conflict between children. This also applies to the number of adults a nursery has within their team. More team members mean that children can be given the time and attention that they need at this young age and this helps to build their sense of self-belief.
  • Don’t worry if your children seem to change their friendships quite often, at this age they’re learning how to negotiate relationships outside of their families. Children will happily play with any other child, so long as they feel safe and confident.

    There’s something very lovely about seeing children grow together throughout their time at Triangle House, especially when they then go to school together and continue their friendships.

    I am always available to offer advice on all aspects of children’s social and emotional well-being and development, why not pop in for a chat?

    All the best,


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